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Braxton Brewing Company

Pride Watermelon Wheat 4-Pack

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We are now shipping! This beer is now available for both shipping and pick-up at our Covington location. 

We designed an American Wheat recipe to be lighter bodied with a dry finish, using only two malts, pilsner and wheat. Then, we added over 2,000 pounds of fresh watermelons that we processed into a puree at Braxton before adding directly into the fermenter at the tail end of fermentation. The end product? A slightly reddish-pink colored beer that smells like a freshly cut, crisp watermelon, and tastes like it too!

Braxton Labs: Dry-Hopped Pilsner Pacific Northwest 4-Pack

ABV: 5IBU: 55 

Pickup for these 4 packs begins on Saturday 5/14 at 11am in Covington!