A Seltzer That’s As Bold As You

Have you noticed the Seltzer isles are a sea of sameness lately? Well, we have too, and when our team set out to create new flavors, we knew we couldn’t stay stagnant. Our mission became clear: to build a brand with flavors that were as unique, exciting and bold as the people that were enjoying them. That’s why we developed Vive Punch Hard Seltzer. A sweeter hard seltzer that uses unique fruit combinations to create an incredibly delicious, one-of-a-kind experience – made with you in mind. 

VIVE Hard Seltzer began as a simple idea. An idea to create a beer-alternative that would inspire, motivate and stir a shift in the way we move. Something light, crisp, refreshing and not too heavy. We took that idea in stride, deviated from the norm, and crafted this new drink to continue to deliver innovation in the ever-growing seltzer space. VIVE Punch will be the only alcoholic punch seltzer drink on the market so we recommend running, not walking, to your nearest retailer to snag a pack or two. 

Each flavor delivers exactly what the name promises, from Original Punch to Tropical Punch, we’re incredibly excited to get VIVE Punch Hard Seltzer to you. We are re-inventing the delicacy of the flowing party punch bowl. This classic Punch seltzer will provide a sweeter, fruitier taste, but is still crafted using all-natural ingredients in every flavor. That means no artificial sweeteners and real fruit taste, every time. VIVE Punch Hard Seltzer remains consistent with previous VIVE flavors, packing only 100 calories and 5g of carbs. 

Look for the red box! You won’t miss it – VIVE Punch Hard Seltzer looks as bold as it tastes. That radiant red will catch your eye from any angle because we’re here to stand out, not fit in. 

Original Punch

The OG flavor radiates red and is reminiscent of the traditional punch drink aesthetic. Find flavors of strawberry, black cherry and orange. The new Gold Standard of Fruit Punch.

Sunrise Punch

A twist of zesty refreshment with fresh squeezed flavors, Sunrise punch is a harmonious, decadent blend of natural orange, pineapple and lemonade flavors.

Southern Punch

If it could talk, it would have an accent. Take comfort in the hand-picked, ripe and juicy flavors of apricot, nectarine and peach flavors that make up VIVE Southern Punch.

Tropical Punch

Take your taste buds on a trip with VIVE Tropical Punch. Sip your way to a perfect punch paradise with flavors of pineapple, coconut and citrus yuzu.

We’re kicking off the launch of VIVE Punch Hard Seltzer with a tasting party to celebrate. Head to our FB page to join the event! 

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