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  • Evan Rouse

    Co-Founder & CPO

    Evan started it all. Six years ago after dropping Jake off at Indiana University he stopped at Upland Brewing Company and learned you could brew your own beer. Over the next six years he would transform the garage on Braxton Drive into a fully functioning brewery while amassing dozens of medals. Evan spent just over two years as a professional brewer at Hofbrauhaus Newport where he developed the first IPL in the brewery’s 400 year history.

  • Jake Rouse

    Co-Founder & CEO

    An avid craft beer fan, Jake is fired up about reinventing the Taproom, by introducing new and unique ways to enhance the beer drinking experience. Jake’s passion lies at the intersection of technology, beer, and entrepreneurship. After studying entrepreneurship at Indiana University, he’s spent the past 4 years at ExactTarget and Salesforce.com developing Strategic Alliances with companies like Adobe, Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle in an effort to help brands better connect with their customers through digital channels.

  • Greg Allen

    Sales Manager

  • Jill Hettersimer

    Sales & Private Barrel Program

  • Kurt Ramer

    Taproom Manager

  • Loren Poole

    Director of Events

  • Luke Durstock

    Creative Director

  • Rachael Bachmann

    Social Media Manager

  • Carlos Elizondo

    Quality Control Specialist

  • Dan Schroeder


  • Jason Chew


  • Nathan Branham

    Packaging Team

  • Patrick Thompson

    Lead Cellar

  • Steven Kaylor

    Packaging Team

  • Todd Hettersimer

    Packaging Manager

  • Alicia Huffman


  • Brandon Rone


  • Cameron Meece


  • Dakota Alt


  • Jimmy Jackson


  • Kyle Brake


  • Rusty Bowman

    Taco Fuerte Head Chef

  • Sid Armstrong

    Lead Bartender

  • Taylor Franczkowski


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